Trek grew out of one man’s belief that he could build a different kind of company. In a barn in southern Wisconsin, Dick Burke instilled the simple principles that continue to guide us today: Build things that last—memories, relationships, bicycles, a brand—and leave a legacy of positive change.

Today, Trek remains a family company, owned by the employees and the founding family. We take the longview of relationships and doing the right thing, and we put people and our planet first.

The bicycle is an extraordinary agent for change. This simple machine can be a solution to many of the world’s most complicated problems. The bicycle is capable of combating climate change, creating wellness, and instilling happiness the world over. That is the business we are in.

The journey is long but the way we traverse it is simple: share joy, build thoughtfully, treat people as family, and inspire others to join in the quest to build a better world through bikes.

Believe in bikes.