BERDS Polylight Spokes Black

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Berd PolyLigh spokes are ideal for all cycling disciplines including mountain, gravel, road, and fat bike wheels.

Use Berd spoke length calculator for calculating lengths
• Weight: (64 pcs x 260mm) 156 g
• Available lengths: 180 - 315 mm in 1 mm increments
• Compatible with standard straight-pull and J-bend hubs
• 14 gauge (2.0mm) stainless threaded connection at rim (has flat section that is held with a special tool to prevent twisting)
• Integral eyelet for connection to J-bend or straight-pull hubs
• Double square secure lock nipple recommended (sold separately)
• Tangential straightpull hubs require inserts (sold separately)
• Must purchase builder's tool kit (one-time purchase, sold separately)

Berd spokes are made from an advanced polymer called ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) that has 12 times the strength-to-weight ratio of steel and floats on water. Berd spokes have an improved fatigue life compared to steel and are impervious to the elements.