Birzman Wedge Tyre Levers

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Birzman Wedge Tyre Levers work well and come in searing green so they're easy to find in your tool bag.

These aren't just any old tyre levers, oh no, they are bright green. Ok, they are a little bit more from that. They come from bike tool specialists, Birzman who are fast making a name for themselves among the bike fettling fraternity.

These radioactive green nylon levers are rigid and their 110mm length offers enough leverage to get all but the most stubborn wire beaded tyre off without bending or snapping.

The nylon composite is kind on carbon and on painted or anodized rims and don't scratch the surface when running the lever along the beading of the tyre. Hooks on each lever help it cling to a spoke while you prise off the next section of tyre away from the wheel.

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The set of three plastic levers neatly stack together to take up less space in your tool kit. The moulding also has a pokey bit (technical term) to help you deflate Shraeder valves, which is handy.

In use, they seem to be fairly robust and the hard plastic slides around the rim without much friction which helps you speedily get the tyre off. If you are looking for some effective tyre levers in a funky green colour to go with your other green items in your cycling attire, Birzman have them.