Kali Veda Soft Elbow Guard - Torn Black/Gray

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Weight: 270g
Recommended Use: Agressive AM / FR / DH

– A Nitrex foam-lined, flexible ABS shell to protect the elbow
– A Kevlar-weaved synthetic elbow cup cover for extra durability against abrasion
– Two additional Nitrex foam pads above and below the flexible ABS elbow shell
– Six dense foam pads positioned on both sides of the elbow guard cuff to protect your ligaments
– Perforated neoprene cuff for comfort and breath-ability
– Slip-on style elbow guard that will fit under or over your jersey or base layer
– Two large Velcro belts to keep the Veda elbow guard securely in place
– Anti-microbial material that is fully washable

The Kali elbow pads offer a comfortable, light and sturdy solution to the alternative hard pads which are more restrictive in movement. I spent a full day in them at a resort and they were great under a jersey. They are low profile and don’t stick out. They slip on with a bit of effort and stay put, I didn’t think about them or have to adjust them at all. Beyond protection and comfort, a pad should “stay put” really well; these pads didn’t disappoint (whereas the popular 661 EVOs moved quite a bit once neoprene has stretched out).

The sizing on these is a head scratcher. They run one full size too small and when using them one size bigger, they are still snug (but not overly tight). This explains why they stay put so well, but it does create a little binding when they are new. I wore them for 6-7 hours one day and by day’s end, the internal rubberized material (that keeps the elbows from slipping down) on the upper arm had started to cut into my skin. Ouch! This is probably extreme, since on occasions where I wear them for 2-3 hours, I haven’t had the same experience occur.