Oko Magic Milk Tubeless Sealant

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OKO Magic Milk™ Tubeless is the industry’s most advanced latex-based, free-flowing liquid tire sealant. It is designed for ‘tubeless ready’ and full UST tubeless tires with Schrader or removable Presta valves. It is super-light, with a required dose of 30-120 ml per tire in most road to mountain to downhill bikes, depending on size.


Filling a tire is quick and easy. Simply screw the resealable tapered cap over any removable-core Presta valve stem or fit inside a Schrader stem. For tires with non-removable Presta valve cores, pour Magic Milk™ Hi-Fiber directly into tire well prior to mounting tire onto rim.


For ‘tubeless ready’ tires on standard rims, always use a rim strip plus OKO Magic Milk™. Shake the tire/wheel combination vigorously from side to side at each point to force the sealant into the gaps between bead and rim, and into the tiny holes in the porous ‘tubeless ready’ tire sidewalls. Also, spin the tire on the wheel for a prolonged period.


OKO Magic Milk™ Tubeless can also be used for tires with inner tubes, but for maximum puncture proofing, we recommend Puncture Free Bike or OKO X-Treme Dirt Bike.