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The Zero TRI PAS is designed primarily for Triathlon use. The flat shape makes it very suitable for medium-short distances. The wide channel that runs along the entire saddle relieves pressure in the perineal area and makes it easier to maintain a correct triathlon position.

The PAS (perineal area System) technology allows to eliminate pressure peaks and numbness in the pelvic area. The PAS system is made thanks to a particular shape of the foam mold leaving the base intact and ensuring durable and unchanging saddles over time, the PAS technology works like the classic saddle hole relieving the pressures but with the advantage of leaving the saddle structure unchanged , that is, the saddle is less deformed with use by the cyclist. This guarantees continuity of movement of the pelvis even after many kilometers while in a deformed saddle the pelvis goes into block, causing overloading of the musculature in the lumbosacral area and in particular at the square of the loins. The final result guarantees excellent comfort and performance.

The ZERO-TRI are available in:

Tirox. Rail in light stainless steel, very resistant to traction, and torsion, for its physical characteristics and lightness, it is used in the aviation and aerospace industry. T-Irox therefore turns out to be a fork with an excellent ratio between weight and resistance, which does not fear the normal stress that a bicycle faces. Fork diameter 7mm

T2.0, chromium rail HRC 39 +/- 2 is a perfect compromise between mechanics and technical resistance. Used in the aerospace and war industries.