Thick Tubeless Tyre Repair

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Features: Suitable for cars motor cycles caravans trailers and vans Repair the tire you do not have to take the wheel off Practical and Durable Long Life Span and Convenient to use Easy to Install Material: Plastic+ Natural Rubber Length: 10cm Width; 6mm Note: 2 slices =10pcs Package Included: 10 x Tyre Repair Strings (not include others) Usage: In the puncture location mark, after pull out nails. With a pinhole in the 1st round specialized tools. 1/2 in the strip into the special tool pinhole. Leave strip down hole direction into tire 1-2 mm, with the hand pressure pulls special tools. Use scissors to cut the tread strip, can be used after filling. (note: you must determine the cold strip through the tires, after filling to avoid sliding out.